Newzleech is down for now

Newzleech has been down for almost a week now. Their hosting company based in the Ukraine Colocall was raided and all their server confiscated. Including the ones Newzleech was hosted on. Newzleech is currently being restored but it will be sometime before we see it online.

Deluge 1.1.0 released

Deluge 1.1.0 is out. Some of the major changes in the release; Labels. Proxy support. Authentication for the daemon. Per-tracker filtering. Magnet uri/hash. Improved file tabs with file/folder renaming functions. QOS support. For the full change list go to the changelog. Download here.

Deluge 1.0.0 released

Deluge 1.0.0 codenamed “Sharks Are Bulletproof” is out. It’s a complete rewrite from the ground up with a host of new features. 1. It’s now possible to run Deluge as a daemon since the core and UI have been separated. 2. The GTK UI has also been redesigned as seen in the screen shot above….

Heroes Season 3: Villains is out

Heroes Season 3: Villains is finally here. Been waiting awhile for this now. Get the torrent. Also make sure you catch the the special episode 00. Get the torrent.