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Deluge BitTorrent Client released

Deluge BitTorrent Client is out. Get it here or if you’re in openSUSE simply run ” zypper up deluge ” , ” zypper in deluge “.

How to install Deluge on openSUSE 11

Check is the Deluge package is available. pandora:~ # zypper se deluge Install Deluge pandora:~ # zypper in deluge

Deluge BitTorrent Client released

Not been following Deluge for the past few months. I had to fall back to Windows since my damn Exchange server could not work with Linux. But anyway, talking about good timing. OpenSUSE 11 is set to be out in 2 days and my office decides to get me a new notebook. A lenovo R61, […]

Torrents: Skate Videos

.. I torrent quite abit and I know you do too. Thought it would be cool to share some of the torrents I find interesting with you. Back in school I was part of a skate crew, this was back in Cameron Highlands. Best time of my life. If I remember right, I went through […]

ImageShack starts torrent service

Tired of being throttled by your ISP? Here’s some hope, ImageShack, the media hosting site has now pulled out a new service from it’s bag of tricks. Free torrent download service using their servers. You find a torrent, upload it into ImageShack and wait. The torrent will be downloaded onto their servers and all you […]

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