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Tattoo made for a player

This piece goes out to all you players out there. Playa playa!! I actually have a couple of playa friends who I think this tat will look real good on. Sara Huser at Castle of Color in Lexington, KY is responsible this piece. Source: ModBlog

Tattoos 4 Toddlers

. Thinking bout getting you child a tattoo? Tattoos 4 Toddlers have a new needle less system to get you kid inked. Unlike the traditional rub on tattoos we a familiar with the needle less tattoos will stay on for about 10 years. Tattoos 4 Toddlers

Borneo International Tattoo Convention

Borneo International Tattoo Convention Being in Malaysia for all my life and loving tattoos it’s weird that I never knew how much love exist for the art of traditional tattoos here in Malaysia. My newest resolution for this year to attend the Borneo International Tattoo Convention this year which will held in Sibu,Sarawak from June […]

Starbucks Coffee Break March 15 2007

If you are anything like me then I bet you will be down at the nearest Starbucks on the 15th of March 2007. Starbucks will be holding a Coffee Break between 10am and 12pm the that day. Make sure you get there on time to enjoy your cup of coffee. The Starbucks CoffeeBreak I drink […]

“My Life, My Way” Tattoo | ModBlog

Skin provided by Cale and inked by Rain at Alternative Arts in Denver, CO. I love the whole look. The piercings and tats represent the meaning of the new tat on Cale’s side hands. Source: ModBlog

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