Icon War

Very very cool animation. The Icon War!! Check it out for yourself here.

Tattooed Nerds?

Tattooed Nerds? Yes yes, not just the cool dudes have tattoos anymore. Nerdy tattoos actually do look good. I’ve been thinkin of getting my 4th tattoo of maybe a tribal tux…maybe 🙂 Pacman!!! Zelda!!! Electronics!! Mario Bros!! Windows!! huh?? Cool links to check out; http://www.bmezine.com/news/pubring/20040720.html http://www.monyscurry.com/tattoo.htm

Volkswagen’s new Germany plant.

Look at this parking lot!!! Don’t you wish we had one at each mall? I imagine the work a robber would have to put in just to get into your car…haha But anyway, this image is actually VW’s storage facility for it’s complted cars in it’s Germany plant. Benefits; 1. Cheaper. 2. You get your…

Shiatsu Self Massage

Tired? Can’t focus? Can’t think straight? Try Shiatsu Self Massage. Some of my pals said it help but I think it’s all in your head :). You be the judge of that. Click on the thumbnail below to get a better pic…