3 new “Transformers 2” trailers

Woo Hoo!! 3 new “Transformers 2” trailers just got released. Catch them below It’s On….. Greatest Enemy….. Forms… I can’t wait to catch the movie!! How bout you, into Transformers??

Twitter Tees By Threadless

Twitter has partnered with Threadless to come out with “Twitter Tees by Threadless“. Twitter powered Tees where the design is decided by your Tweets. This is cool,  The Threadless community actually votes for it’s favourite Tweets. The popular Tweets then end up on Tees. This is something other Tee shirt companies don’t quite do yet….

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Running Ubuntu 9.04? Need a cool new wallpaper to go with it? Hong Kiat published a good selection of Ubuntu Wallpapers a few days back. The selection’s pretty good actually. Quite sure took them some time to put the collection together.  Check it out.

Must try!! AT&T Labs text-to-speech demo.

Try this out, it will keep you going for hours…. AT&T Labs’s text-to-speech tool demo. It currently has 15 different accents and 2 genders. My favs are the  British and Indian accents. 😀 Go ahead, make up stupid sentences for them to speak out. source : AT&T Labs

Earth Hour Malaysia 2009 | Turn your lights off!

80 countries, 1429 cities, 5085 organizations and 16995 businesses have pledged turn their lights off on  28th March 2009 for 1 hour from 8.30pm till 9.30pm in support of earth hour 2009. That’s the current global support Earth Hour 2009 has received  so far.  The global goal is to reach 1 billion participants….. Earth Hour…