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THRU YOU | Kutiman mixes

The video’s the work of Kutiman. It’s a compilation of many YouTube videos with different instrumanents¬† glued together to make some really interesting tracks. I was blown away by the precision editing work put into his work. The video above is just one of the many, check out the rest at and tell me […]

History of the Internet

Here’s an awesome video by Melih Bilgil on the History of the Internet. From “Arpanet” to “Internet”, this video covers it all. All the icons you see in the video were taken from PICOL, the Pictorial Communication Language. For more information on the video drop by the Author’s site.

The Internet Bus Project by Google

India is commonly related to having a high number of IT professionals. Most of them get pulled into big firms like Google, MS and many others. But the hard truth is that there are still millions who have no access to the Internet or have never even heard of it. Google put together “The Internet […]

Design Coding Rap by The Poetic Prophet

Need a few pointers in web design? This is the first time web design and SEO got served to me in the form of Rap. Thanks to Alan. The video’s are by The Poetic Prophet (AKA The SEO Rapper). Watch and enjoy. Design Coding

Collaborative Spreadsheet Art with Google Docs

This is what happens when for dudes collaborate on 1 Google Docs Spreadsheet and create art. Pretty cool ha. This was something Google put together for the holiday season. A way to showcase the collaboration capabilities Google Docs provides. Take a tour behind the scene to see what went into creating this piece of collaborative […]

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