The Linux Command Line a book for the Linux beginner

New to Linux? Need a good beginner book to be your companion? The Linux Command Line by “William E. Shotts, Jr.” , that’s the book you need to get. The book’s 522 pages will familiarize you to the command line and the many commands that you will use in the future. Download the free PDF (CC) here or…

Nikon D7000 User Manual

Nikon D7000 manuals if you are too lazy to register on the Nikon site for them. Nikon D7000 User Manual [ Download Here ] Nikon D7000 Quick Start Guide [ Download Here ]

20 free Linux eBooks by Linux Links

Linux Links published a list of their top 20 favorite free Linux Ebooks. Ranging from books for the newcomer, graphic designers and right up to the advanced programmer. There’s something for everyone. The list of books; 1. Ubuntu Pocket Guide 2. Two Bits 3. The Linux Starter Pack 4. The Easiest Linux Guide You’ll Ever…

Full Circle Magazine Issue 23

Full Circle Magazine Issue 23 is out. What’s in it; Command and Conquer – Troubleshooting. How-To : Program in C – Part 7, Web Development – Part 4, and Spreading Ubuntu – Part 2. My Story – Becoming An Ubuntu User Book Review – How To Be A Geek Goddess MOTU Interview – Steve Stalcup…

Full Circle Magazine Issue 21

The latest issue of “Full Circle Magazine is out. Issue 21. What I found interesting in this issue; Output formatting with grep, awk, sed, cat, cut Web developement C programming Video resizing Ubuntu USB boot Torrent tools Download the magazine or read it online. Source: Full Circle Magazine