Firefox tweak: Use Ram as Cache

By design Firefox will use your disk as cache. However, if you have a good amount of RAM available you could quickly improve Firefox’s performance by telling it disable disk caching and only use RAM. Here’s how you do it; 1. in your URL bar type in “about:config”. this will bring up the config page….

Firefox slow on Ubuntu 10.04

If your Firefox is sluggish on on Ubuntu 10.04 this might help. Fire up Firefox and type “about:config” in the URL bar. That will bring up the config page. Search for the lines below and change them accordingly to reflect the changes below. – network.http.pipelining > Make it True – network.http.pipelining.maxrequests > Make it 8…

Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3 released

Mozilla today released Firefox 3.6.3. It’s a security fix so make sure you get updated ASAP The release fixes a bug which could allow a attacker to remotely execute code. Read the Release Notes and download it.

Disable IPv6 in Firefox 3

Firefox 3 by default resolves IPv6 address first and if that fails then reverts to IPv4. This can sometimes slow down your browser’s performance. Here are the steps to turn off IPv6 support in Firefox 3 and above. 1. Key in “about:config” into address bar, this will take you to the config page. 2. Key…

Firefox 3.5.6 released

Firefox 3.5.6 is out. Changes in this release are security and stability related so make sure you get updated ASAP.