Malaysiakini mirrors

Malaysia’s independent news provider Malaysia accessible through and might be down (.i.e blocked by our ISP) for many of you. Try these alternatives. Alternatives; – Mirror – Twitter @malaysiakini – Facebook You can’t block the internet!! Get that through your thick skulls … This list will be updated as more mirrors show up so check back often….

Sunlight Unicablink. Malaysia’s first GPS enable taxi booking service.

Malaysia finally gets it first GPS based taxi booking service, Unicablink. Its part of the Sunlight  Taxi group of companies. You have 3 ways to book a cab. Call the call center at 1300-800-222, book online or through the mobile app. The mobile app is the best way and is available for both the Android and…

Super Monstrous Big Bad Wolf Book Sale December 2012

If you loved last year’s Big Bad Wolf book sale, get excited!! It’s coming back! Super Monstrous Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will be happening between December 7 – 23 2012. no news on location yet, most likely the same spot as the last sale. Via Facebook | bigbadwolfbooks

Get to know your tire.

How well do you know your tire safety? Besides knowing that Klang has the cheapest tires around most of us don’t think much about out vehicle’s tires. They keep you on the road and alive! The infographic above will enlighten you on tire safety, lifespan and suitability. Source: Delirium