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Petrol Rush in Malaysia

This was the scene at the petrol kiosk near my housing estate in Cheras. I did not fuel up and so did many of my friends. We tried our luck at kiosks around but all of them had piles of cars waiting to fuel up. It just wasn’t worth it. Waiting in line for hours […]

Fuel price hike in Malaysia

It’s RUMORED that the new fuel price in Malaysia effective midnight today will be raised from RM1.92 to RM2.70. That’s a 78 cents hike which adds up to about 40%. My Wira gonna cost me about RM110 for a full tank. Looks like the petrol pumps around town are gonna be filled up today. You […]

Linux is like religion

Linux to me is like religion. Even though I am not religious but I feel that Linux in some way is like religion. It’s free, goes by many different names, it’s changes over time to suit needs but ultimately it’s personal. There will never be one “ultimate distribution”. It will always be a personal choice […]

Clearing out your tray

This the third time this week. I love McDonald burgers, explains the few pounds I’ve gained but that’s besides the point. I’ve been going there for lunch for the past 3 days. I’m attending an Oracle training and McD’s the closest fast food joint available. I have a habit of clearing out my tray into the […]

Speech: A More Perfect Union by Mr. Barack Obama

Awesome awesome speech by Mr. Obama on “race” in America and building “A More Perfect Union” in America. Please be patient as his speech is 40 minutes. Grab a coffee and enjoy his speech. It saddens me that none of our leaders have ever spoken like this 🙁 If you’re feeling Mr. Barack Obama’s speech […]

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