FoodPanda now in Malaysia

I’ve always hoped for an independent delivery service here in Malaysia. There’s tones of  good food around but no easy way to get them to us. That’s all about to change now, hopefully. FoodPanda is a delivery service for restaurants that don’t do take out. Its already up and running in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and now Malaysia….

7 puppies up for adoption

My close friend rescued 7 puppies recently.  They are a month old now, healthy and currently looking for new homes. Can you help? Please contact Alan, Shirley or me for more info.  

RM 1 Burger King French Chicken Coupon

From 19 December 2011 till 8 January 2012 enjoy BK’s French Chicken burger at RM 1 when used together with any value meal. Just print the coupon and present  it at your nearest BK. Source: Delirium

Stroke Indicators

My uncle suffered a stroke recently. It ain’t pleasant, I can tell you that. When someone is experiencing a stroke, time becomes their worst enemy. With every passing second, brain cells die and more of their bodily functions start to degrade. The faster one can identify a stroke and react, lesser the damage to the patient. To identify if someone’s having a…