got hacked!!

Haa haa, got hacked!! As usual by a bunch of Indonesian hackers. Hate aside, this had to be one of the best hate raps I’ve heard. Not bad 😀

Android on the iPhone

It was juat a matter of time before someopne ported Android over to the iPhone. Planetbeing, iPhone hacker had managed to dual boot an iPhone to run both Android and iPhoneOS. The video’s long but intended to walk you thought the whole process. You actually see Linux booting and shit… For now it’s only working… defaced

Creative Multimedia Cluster, MSC Malaysia has been defaced. Source: Let’s see how long MSC takes to fix this…… , it’s been an hour now…

iPhone 3G Unlock Video

Want a simple way to unlock you iPhone 3G? yellowsn0w is your answer. It’s a software based hack for the iPhone 3G from the iPhone Dev-Team and is scheduled for later this month. Source: Mashable

Malaysia Today Hacked!!

This explains the outage today. Malaysia Today has been hacked by the GasakdotNet group. They better have their backups ready….. UPDATE: 19:10, Malaysia Today is back online.