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SIRIM portal exploited

SIRIM’s site has been exploited with malware. The compromised URL is “”. The URL when accessed downloads malicious software and infects the client PC. If I were you I would not access that link. From what I know many Malaysian sites are still susceptible to cross side scripting and SQL injection attacks. Chances are this […]

How to keep your Linux session alive

Recently I wrote about implementing session timeouts on Linux. For admin’s who know what they are doing(most times) this can sometimes be an annoying experience. There’s a simple noop script over at bashcurescancer to help work around session timeouts. This will work for ssh and also the default virtual consoles.     Watch noop in […]

How to disable the beep in Windows XP

I am facing the same annoying beep issue which I experienced on my Linux notebook before on my XP machine now. Most users don’ t fancy having sounds turned on their OS. In XP turning off your sound schemes will turn off all notification sounds but then all beeps get channeled to your pc speaker […]

How to increase file descriptors max limit on Linux

Today my DBA reported that the server she was working on was spitting out “too many open files” errors and no new processes could be started. This is a common problem with DB servers with heavy transactions. In my environment there are 6 DB instances running on the server. No quite the optimized setup I […]

How to install Microsoft Core Fonts on Linux

Most Linux desktop users don’t fancy the default fonts which ship default with Linux. Luckily there are a few ways you could easy enjoy Microsoft fonts on your Linux desktop. The simplest way would be to use the package manager to add distro specific packages to install the fonts. openSUSE, Ubuntu and many other distros […]

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