Firefox tweak: Use Ram as Cache

By design Firefox will use your disk as cache. However, if you have a good amount of RAM available you could quickly improve Firefox’s performance by telling it disable disk caching and only use RAM. Here’s how you do it; 1. in your URL bar type in “about:config”. this will bring up the config page….

Dual pane view in Nautilus

The Gnome file manager Nautilus  has a cool dual pane view which makes moving/copying files much easier. Simply hit f3 to bring up the dual pane view, right click on a file and either move/copy the file to “other pane”. However, unlike KDE,  Gnome only allows you to move/copy to “home”, “desktop” and “other pane”….

How to Fix Ubuntu 10.10 VirtualBox Guest Additions Problems

If you’re trying to run Ubuntu 10.10 Beta on your VirtualBox, you’re most likely having issues with the screen resolution. Installing the default VirtualBox client doesn’t quite help. Try the steps below, 1. Open terminal and enter the following command: #sudo apt-get update #sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r) #sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-guest-x11 2. Once…

DiGi APN settings

Upgraded my CyanogenMOD to verion cm-6.0.0-N1-alpha1 ( Froyo 🙂 ). Had to do a wipe so my APN settings disappeared. Anyways, if you face the same problem, here’s DiGi’s APN settings and how to add them in. 1) Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks -> Access Points Name 2)…

PUK on the Google Nexus One

Changed the sim on my rooted Google Nexus One today and managed to lock myself out :D. Waited for the PUK code prompt to come up but it never did. Apparently there’s none, traditionally on other phones you’s get a dedicated prompt for the PUK code but on the Nexus One you use the “phone…