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Installing Novell Moonlight on openSUSE 11.1

First, make sure you have the PackMan repo added. Bring up a console and su to root or use sudo. Run the commands below; zypper -v search moonlight zypper -v install moonlight-plugin Sample output; pandora:~ # zypper -v search moonlight S | Name | Summary | Type –+——————+————————————-+———– | moonlight | Novell Moonlight | srcpackage […]

Favicon generator

If you own a site then chances are you need a favicon. A favicon is a 16×16 icon which normally sits next to the URL in the browser’s address bar. It’s a small visual representation of a site. Most browsers today support favicons in multiple formats, .png, .gif, .jpeg and .ico but as usual there […]

Ubuntu cheat sheet by FOSSwire

Another good starter cheat sheet for all you Ubuntu newbies out there. If you missed it, the Linux cheat sheet is also available here. I’m new to Ubuntu myself so this comes in real handy for me. Download the PDF from here or here. Again, thanks to FOSSwire for making their cheat sheets available to […]

Linux cheat sheet by FOSSwire

Here’s a good Linux cheat sheet to get you started in Linux. Thanks to FOSSwire for coming up with it. Download it from here or here. Update: There is also a Ubuntu cheatsheet available for download.

What does dirname(__FILE__) and basename(dirname(__FILE__)) do?

Was helping a friend fix his php script today. He was not too sure about what “dirname(__FILE__)” did. dirname() is a PHP function which returns the directory name of a file. For example if file abc.txt was in “/tmp/abc.txt” then the dirname() function would return “/tmp” . Example Usage; <?php $file = “/tmp/abc.txt”; $path = […]

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