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Can you access Chances are you can’t if you’re behind a squid proxy. Here’s the fix/workaround, Add the lines below into your squid.conf file. should be in /etc/squid/squid.conf. Restart squid and you should be good to go. #> vi /etc/squid/squid.conf add lines into /etc/squid.conf # Fix by removing Accept-Encoding header acl dstdomain […]

How to restart snmpd service on AIX

This is how you would restart the snmpd service on AIX. oslevel is used to return the current OS level. stopsrc -s [service] to stop and startsrc -s [service] to start a service. [root@kakuna]:/# oslevel [root@kakuna]:/# stopsrc -s snmpd 0513-044 The snmpd Subsystem was requested to stop. [root@kakuna]:/# stopsrc -s snmpd 0513-004 The Subsystem […]

How to upgrade MySQL 4 to MySQL 5 on CentOS 4

I was playing a round with new software today which needed MySQL 5. My server’s running CentOS 4.6 which ships by default with MySQL 4. The to upgrade to MySQL 5 from MySQL 4 is easy. There are 2 options you could use. The first option would require you to remove all MySQL 4 packages […]

How to change the system date in Linux

A friend needed help changing the system date on his Linux box today. This is usually a simple task for Linux users but newbies tend to get confused by the “date [-u|–utc|–universal] [MMDDhhmm[[CC]YY][.ss]]” line in the man page. To simplify, this is how you do it. Set the current date to April 7 2008 8:42:45pm. […]

Send mail through SMTP using Telnet

Developers in my office constantly complain that the SMTP server is down and no mails are being sent out. We come back saying that their application is buggy. Most often after hours of troubleshooting the problem will turn out to be the application itself. Here’s a simple way to test your SMTP server over port […]

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