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How to install Microsoft Core Fonts on Linux

Most Linux desktop users don’t fancy the default fonts which ship default with Linux. Luckily there are a few ways you could easy enjoy Microsoft fonts on your Linux desktop. The simplest way would be to use the package manager to add distro specific packages to install the fonts. openSUSE, Ubuntu and many other distros […]

How to run IE in openSUSE 10.3

You decided to switch desktops to Linux and now you can’t access your office IE only intranet. What do you do? Well, you could IEs4Linux on WINE. WINE is a opensource Windows API implementation for the Linux platform and IEs4Linux is the “installer” which will download, install and get IE to work with WINE. 1. […]

How to disable the beep in Linux

If you are like me then you must hate the “BEEP!” that comes along with Linux. Turning it off in KDE or Gnome is easy but what if you are on the virtual console? Here’s how you get rid of the “BEEP!” temporarily or permanently. Temporary solution, ** make sure to be root or use […]

Improve ALPS touchpad response speed

ALPS touchpad generaly have slower response when compared to the synaptic based touchpads. Here’s a simple X hack to boost the sensitivity of my ALPS touchpad which has dramatically improved my experience with my touchpad. This worked on my openSUSE 10.3 1. First, check if you really do have a ALPS touchpad.

sample output; […]

How to install webmin on CentOS 4

Webmin is a web based control panel for system administrators for Unix/Linux. I use Webmin for reports mainly. More about Webmin here. This is how you would install Webmin on Centos 4. 1. First start by downloading the latest version of Webmin. The current version is 1.400. I prefer to use use wget to directly […]

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