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My home made notebook cooler

Been having a hard time finding a suitable notebook cooler for me. I’ve gone through almost all types of coolers available on the market today. Cheapest to the premium priced, single fan to 4 fans, usb powered to adapter powered but yet none did met my standards. I decided to go ahead and build my […]

Creating Partitions with GNU Parted

Hi, its me Raja again. This time I talk about parted, an alternative to fdisk for linux. This is my second screencast, so the quality is not there yet. The youtube video somehow seems a little burry, so you may want to look at the higher quality .avi version. Anyhow, comments are much appreciated on […]

Bug in openSUSE xorg security update

I’ve been hit by bug #345131 since updating to the latest xorg-server [7.2-143.9] security update on my openSUSE 10.3 installation. xorg-server version 7.2-143.6 to 7.2-143.9. VLC, Filezilla and a few other applications stopped working. The bug has something to do with the X Window shared memory (MIT-SHM) overflowing. My error, The program ‘Filezilla’ received an […]

How to untar over SSH

I develop quite a few bash scripts to automated backups and dropbox operation in my office. One of the usual requirements is to tar (tar.gz) the files locally and later untar them on the destination server when needed. I have a few simple scripts with interactive menus which help the data center operations team with […]

How to remove ^M character with VI

This is how you remove those annoying ^M characters that show up in files previously edited on a Windows/DOS platform. In VI,

actual command,

Here’s a walk through video I made. My first actually 🙂

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