How to configure a static IP interface on Arch Linux

  Arch Linux defaults to DHCP on a new install. This guide will walk you through the steps need to configure a static IP interface for your Arch Linux install. 1. Create the interface config file in “/etc/netctl/”. Either use the sample file in “/etc/netctl/examples/” as a base or create one from scratch. We’ll create…

How to Install Spotify client on Arch Linux

The Spotify client is available through WINE or natively through the AUR. I’ll walk you through the AUR way. 1. Download the Spotify package from the AUR. [Spotify AUR] wget 2. Unpack the package and compile. tar -zxvf spotify.tar.gz cd spotify/ makepkg -s The “-s” switch will use pacman to resolve any dependencies. 3….

How to list mounted volumes in TSM

Use this command to display information about the status of one or more volumes that are mounted. From the Administrative Command Line Client (dsmadmc) run, “query mount” or “q mount” and for detailed output run, “query mount format=detailed” or “q mount f=d” Syntax .-*———–. .-Format–=–Standard—–. >>-Query MOunt–+————-+–+————————-+—>< '-volume_name-' '-Format--=--+-Standard-+-' '-Detailed-'

How to find partition UUID on Arch Linux

Using UUID to identify you partitions is better then using kernel device names .i.e /dev/sd?. Mainly on systems where drives get move around frequently. Dev names change when the physical order of the drives are change but the UUID always remains the same. You can use the “lsblk” or “blkid” command to get the UUID…

Solved: mysql Fatal error: Can’t open and lock privilege tables: Table ‘’ doesn’t exist

Ran into a mysql issue at work today after an unplanned power outage took the server down. The error was “Fatal error: Can’t open and lock privilege tables: Table ‘’ doesn’t exist” everytime we tried to start mysql. Looked like the system tables were gone. The fix; We recreated the system tables in the mysql data directory…