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Oprah’s coming to Twitter

Twitter’s gonna be overwhelmed by traffic today. Oprah’s coming to Twitter!! Oprah will twit for her first time today accompanied by Ashton Kutcher “The King Of Twits” live from here show. Twiiter’s already super huge following and Oprah’s millions of fans are surely gonna create a buzz. Oprah’s also gonna bring in alot of new […]

P1 W1MAX DS300 Modem admin password revealed

For those on P1 W1MAX and not being able to fully utilize your modem, you’re in luck! Recently the admin password for the DS300 modem was leaked. Users who had the password could login and change any configuration on the modem. For those who knew what they were doing, this was jackpot. The excitement was […]

Namecheap Coupon for April 2009

WingLoon’s monthly Namecheap coupon for April. The coupon code below will entitle you to purchase a new domain at USD 8.81. Coupon Code: 7tulips

Streamyx Internet disruption to US and Hong Kong

Bet your Streamyx has been slow the past few days. Streamyx reported that the SMW3 and APCN2 submarine lines are experiencing service faults. Another anchor maybe? As a result, access to US and Hong Kong based sites are extra slow…… According to their announment, restoration work should have been completed by today but as of […]

Download Internet Explorer 8

For those of  you who use IE, IE 8 final is out and ready for download. Windows XP XP x64 Windows Vista Windows Vista 64-bit Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2003 64-bit Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2008 64-bit Source: WingLoon || IE8

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