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How to enable presto in Fedora 11

Delta RPMs is a bandwidth saver. Instead of downloading full rpm files on updates, delta rpms (.drpm) hold only the changes in binary form. The size of the packages is now significantly reduced thus saving bandwidth. Once downloaded the drpm file get reconstructed to form the full package before they gets applied. On avg I […]

How to setup an OpenSSH Server on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope

Here’s a simple walkthrough to setup an OpenSSH server on Jaunty together with 2 basic hardening options you should apply. 1. Install the OpenSSH server. Fire up a console and run the command below. This will install the required binaries and packages for the OpenSSH server. apt-get install openssh-server 2. Get some basic hardening in […]

Launchpad is now open source

This surely comes as good news to all Ubuntu fans out there. Canonical today made Launchpad open source under the GPLv3 license. As promised. If you didn’t already know, Launchpad is a project hosting and collaboration platform for software which provides access through its web interface or through its APIs.  Users simply need an account […]

Microsoft submits GPLv2 code to the Linux Kernel

Yup, you read that right. Big boy Microsoft  submitted 20,000 lines of code to the Linux kernel community for review and inclusion into the Linux kernel tree. All under the GPLv2 license. The code, made up of 3 Linux drivers will  enable all flavours for Linux to run on Windows 2008 through it’s Hyper-V hypervisor […]

How to install Adobe AIR on Fedora 11

1. Pull up a console and su as root. [danesh@jackal ~]$ su – 2. Install these packages first. [root@jackal ~]# yum -y install xterm gtk2-devel gnome-keyring libxml2-devel libxslt rpm-devel nss 3. Grab the latest vesion of Adobe AIR from Adobe’s download page. [root@jackal ~]# wget 4. Make the .bin file executable by using the […]

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