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Download failed.: Operation timed out after 30 seconds

Been getting this error “Download failed.: Operation timed out after 30 seconds” every time I try to update a plug-in in my WordPress 2.7. After some digging around I found that my web server’s download speed was pretty low. WP 2.7 by default has a 30 second timeout set for it’s download function which I […]

Free eBook : Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference

Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference by Keir Thomas. Here’s a good book for Ubuntu users and those thinking of switching over to Ubuntu. The book’s 194 pages long and covers; Installing Ubuntu Configuring Ubuntu Getting to grips with the desktop Users and the filesystem Hands-on at the command-line Software management Securing the system The printed […]

cannot allocate memory error

Had a weird memory error my Linux servers at work today. These were heavy duty machines running  heavy jobs throughout the day. /var/log/messages kept reporting that the kernel had no more memory to process new jobs. Most of the errors read ” cannot allocate memory ” Some digging around later we found the fix. Kernel […]

How to install Adobe AIR 1.5 on Ubuntu 8.10

1. Download Adobe AIR 1.5 at or use the direct Link . 2. Assign execute rights to  the “AdobeAIRInstaller.bin”file to start the installer. danesh@python:~/Desktop$ chmod +x AdobeAIRInstaller.bin 3. Execute  the “AdobeAIRInstaller.bin” file to start the installer. danesh@python:~/Desktop$ ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin Related: How to install twhirl

How to install GScrot – Screenshot Tool

Update [  Feb 16 2009 ] – GScrot has been renamed to Shutter. GScrot is a popular screen-shot tool for Linux. GScrot is currently at version 0.64. It runs best on GNOME and has a good feature list. Capture a website, whole desktop, individual window or a custom selection. Support for delayed screen-shots. Plug-ins for […]

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