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Ubuntu 8.10 CD/DVD label pack

Doing the FOSS thing by distributing CDs? Make your CD/DVD look better with these labels I found. This file’s in GIMP and best printed at 1024 x 1024. Here’s the direct download link. Source: Ubuntu Themes and Icons Download

Enable Medibuntu in Ubuntu 8.10

Medibuntu if you don’t already know is the Ubuntu repository for non-free packages which can’t be bundled with Ubuntu for regal reasons. Acrobat reader, quick time player, windows specific video/audio codecs, DVD support and the list goes on. Adding the Medibuntu repository into your Ubuntu 8.10 is easy. 1. Fire up your terminal and run, […]

GParted LiveCD for all your partitioning needs

A friend needed to re-size his Windows NT OS partition from the default 4GB to 8GB. The easiest way to do this is with Linux, specifically with the GParted LiveCD. GParted is a Gnome based partition editor which uses the libparted library from the popular GNU Parted package to do all it’s fancy partitioning stuff. […]

Installing Adobe AIR and twhirl on Ubuntu 8.10 Interpid

Dropped my TwitterFox for twhirl today. Runs flawlessly on Ubuntu 8.10. Installation was a breeze, here’s the walkthrough. 1. Download Adobe AIR Beta from 2. Install Adobe AIR danesh@pandora:~/Desktop$ ls adobeair_linux_b1_091508.bin danesh@pandora:~/Desktop$ chmod +x adobeair_linux_b1_091508.bin danesh@pandora:~/Desktop$ ./adobeair_linux_b1_091508.bin danesh@pandora:~/Desktop$ 3. Download twhirl from 4. Double click the twhirl file to start the installation. The […]

How to turn off the beep in Ubuntu 8.10 Interpid

Hate the damn beep? Let’s get rid of it!! Run “lsmod” and look for pcspkr. If you find it then run “rmmod pcspkr“. Also, make sure to add this line to your “/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist” file to make the change is persistent accross reboots. #Remove beeping speaker blacklist pcspkr Output; [root@dingo ~]# lsmod | grep pcspkr [root@dingo […]

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