How to set your system time using NTP

Here’s a quick walk through to synchronize your system time through NTP. Install the NTP package if you don’t already have it installed. [root@abubu]# yum install ntp Check your date. [root@abubu]# date Thu Jul 24 13:34:24 MYT 2008 Use the ntpdate command to poll from public NTP servers. I this example I’ll use ntp servers…

Amarok 2.0 Alpha 2 (Aulanerk) released

Heads up Amarok fans. The Amarok team released Amarok 2.0 Alpha 2 today, codenamed “Aulanerk” after the friendly sea goddess. If you don’t already know, Amarok is the most popular media player for Linux today. Amarok 2.0 is new and is set to replace it’s sibling Amarok 1.4 once KDE4 matures. The plan is to…

How to find a program’s process id (pid)

Here’s an easy way to get the pid of a running process. Running the “pidof” command will return the pid(s) for a running program. See sample below, danny@pandora:~> pidof syslog-ng 2043 danny@pandora:~> pidof acpid 2045 danny@pandora:~> pidof /usr/bin/firefox 14408 danny@pandora:~> pidof /usr/bin/compiz 27164 danny@pandora:~> pidof /bin/bash 27011 17339 16792 16477 15151 14403 Simple right!?

quick access to your environment variables

Here’s a quick way to access your environment variables from the CLI. User the “%” key in conjunction with your “<tab>” key to auto complete your environment variables. pandora:/ # echo $J <TAB> $JAVA_BINDIR  $JAVA_HOME    $JAVA_ROOT    $JDK_HOME     $JRE_HOME pandora:/ # echo $JAVA_ <TAB> $JAVA_BINDIR  $JAVA_HOME    $JAVA_ROOT pandora:/ # echo $JAVA_HOME /usr/lib/jvm/java The traditional way is…

Oxygen 1.0 Firefox 3 theme for KDE 4

Awesome Firefox 3 theme for the KDE 4 desktop environment. The icons by Oxygen blend in perfectly with KDE 4 and has a clean professional look to it. It’s surely gonna be a favorite amongst Linux users. Get the Firefox 3 theme here. Remember, it’s still in Beta.