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Select all files but one on linux

My friend wanted to know how to select all files but one on the CLI or in a bash script. This is how I normally do it, do you know a better way? From the command line


in a bash script it may look like this,

gOS Rocket Beta 1 released

As promise, gOS 2.0 Beta1 codename “Rocket” was released today. If you don’t already know, gOS is Ubuntu based and runs on the  Enlightenment 17 windows manager. With a Mac like dock, clean desktop and google’s search box integrated into the desktop, Rocket will a sure hit among new users. Rocket is targeted for low […]

RedHat Virtual Training

Don’t have access to RedHat certified training centers or just fancy studying with the comforts of your own home? Which ever your choice maybe, RedHat has the answer for you. Readhat’s latest offering, Virtual Training is live, instructor led and best of all online. The courses are conducted by RedHat certified instructors and feature the […]

How to view line numbers in vi

When editing large files in vi or vim line numbers become very important. This is how you turn on/off line numbers in vi or vim. Turn on line numbers While vi is in edit mode and not inserting type the following :set number Turn off line numbers While vi is in edit mode and not […]

Deluge BitTorrent Client 0.5.8RC2 released

My favorite BitTorrent client Deluge has a new version out. 0.5.8rc2. The new version is available for all the major OS platforms now. Linux, Mac OS X and also Windows. Deluge 0.5.8RC2 (25 December 2007) Change add torrent to ctrl+n Change notification plugin to not show the file list, but only the torrent name Allow […]

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