LPIC-1 Questions

Planning to sit the LPIC-1 exams soon? Need to get a feel for the questions? Exja at Planet Malaysia has a brain dump of his LPIC-1 questions and answers for you to review and get comfortable with. Here are some of the questions you can expect to see, No.1 You want to save vi changes…

How to change the hostname in Linux

Changing your Linux machine’s hostname is easy. Just follow the steps below. root# hostname [new-host-name] root# vi /etc/sysconfig/network HOSTNAME=[new-host-name] root# vi /etc/hosts Make sure your new host is updated in the hosts file. root# service network restart Done!!

Duplicate ssh sessions without password prompt

I work with multiple ssh sessions whenever I connect to a server. Typically I would have about 3 sessions initiated from my host machine to the destination server. Found away to duplicate my session without retyping my password every time I initiate a connection the the server from my host machine thanks to  Linux By…

Build your own TUX toy

Interested in building your own Linux penguin? Print the template in full size, put it togather and finally unleash the penguin within….

10 Things a Linux person will not tell you

Talk to any Linux guy and this is what you will hear; Linux is good, Linux is stable, Linux is cool, I rebooted my box 3 years ago (my personal favorite), but there is a dark side see for your self. If you install Linux; 10) You will lose all your athletic abilities. You will…