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-bash: /usr/bin/crontab: Permission denied

” -bash: /usr/bin/crontab: Permission denied “. I was getting this error earlier today while trying to add cron jobs for my login on my SLES 10 box at work. Turns out that all users in SLES 10 by default have no access to cron. The fix is to add the user to the “trusted” group […]

Screen | Linux Command

When you run commands and programs in a command prompt on Linux, the programs or commands only run while the command prompt session is open but as soon as the command prompt session is terminated for whatever reason, the commands or programs running within the command prompt session will also get terminated. I use wget […]

mkfifo | Linux Command

A short introdution to name pipes as I see them. In the Linux world name pipes are typically used to permit communications between 2 unrelated processes. Name pipes are also known as FIFOs (first in, first out), normally used to establish a one-way flow of data.(half-duplex). Name pipes have a path name of a file […]

.htaccess password generator

Use this tool at Dynamic Drive to automatically generate all the code needed to protect a directory on your site. Below are the 2 files generated by the tool. .htaccess goes into the folder that you want to protect and .htpasswd should be in a folder not accessible from the web. I normally put my […]

Inspecting the contents of an initrd file.

Today’s kernels are moving towards initramfs type initrd files. Initramfs is basicly a cpio archive so all we have to do is uncompress it’s contents to a temp folder. The example below uses the file initrd.SLES10.x64.img from a SLES 10 implementaion. #create a temp directory >mkdir /tmp/initramfstmp >cd /tmp/initramfstmp #copy the initrd file to the […]

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