The Linux Command Line a book for the Linux beginner

New to Linux? Need a good beginner book to be your companion? The Linux Command Line by “William E. Shotts, Jr.” , that’s the book you need to get. The book’s 522 pages will familiarize you to the command line and the many commands that you will use in the future. Download the free PDF (CC) here or…

Nyan Cat in your terminal

Just for fun. Let Nyan Cat run around in your terminal. Bring up a terminal and run “telnet” Source: | Nyan Cat

How can non root users mount and unmount in Linux

File systems / partitions are normally managed by root and only root would be able to mount or un-mount. However, if you want everyone on your machine to have the same privilege for a specific mount point, this is how you can do that. Add “user” to the mount options for the desired mount point in your /etc/fstab file. In…

How to install GIMP 2.8 in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

The default GIMP package that comes with Ubuntu 12.04 is 2.6. However, if you’d rather have the latest version 2.8 here’s how you can get it. 1. Remove the existing GIMP package. sudo apt-get autoremove gimp gimp-plugin-registry 2. Add the unofficial GIMP 2.8 PPA sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp 3. Update your sources and install GIMP 2.8…

How to restart autofs in Solaris

Quick step to restart the autofs service on Solaris. I’m running Solaris 10. 1. Check the auto service status. # svcs | grep auto legacy_run Oct_24 lrc:/etc/rc2_d/S72autoinstall online 17:31:10 svc:/system/filesystem/autofs:default 2. Restart the autofs service # svcadm -v restart svc:/system/filesystem/autofs:default Action restart set for svc:/system/filesystem/autofs:default.