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Earth Hour Malaysia site down

The Earth Hour Malaysia portal / website is currently unreachable. Looks like they are moving to a larger hosting provider.Last minute rush to pledge causing the spike I guess. Follow the progress on their twitter. Update: The site’s back up but it’s a stripped down version.

Earth Hour Malaysia 2009 | Turn your lights off!

80 countries, 1429 cities, 5085 organizations and 16995 businesses have pledged turn their lights off on  28th March 2009 for 1 hour from 8.30pm till 9.30pm in support of earth hour 2009. That’s the current global support Earth Hour 2009 has received  so far.  The global goal is to reach 1 billion participants….. Earth Hour […]

Malaysia Salary Guide 2008

Stumbled onto this a few days back. Thought it might come in handy for you too 😀 Sometimes I wonder if the data published is really accurate. Based on what’s published, most Malaysians look like there are earning peanuts. Well anyway, download it here and tell me what ya think. February 2009 meetup

Topic; FreeBSD Jails – Lightweight Visualization If your limited processing power is preventing you from running full virtualized environments then this might just be what you need. The basic idea is to have individual jailed environments which have their own Ip address all share the same kernel. The talk will cover the basics of setting […]

Doninos Pizza, improve your call centers

Had to oder in  Domino’s Pizzas today for my office in CyberJaya. Domino’s just opened up a new branch in PutraJaya and they cover CyberJaya for delivery. We received the Pizzas on time, finished them and had a good evening. However, the ordering process was far from simple, it alone too up 30 mins of […]

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