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BarCamp Malaysia in a few hours

BarCamp’s in a few hours. It’s gonna be my first. The Google Android session is what I’m going for first. What is BarCamp? It’s an Unconference . Interested? Initialy seats were limited but due to overwhelming interest from the public, BarCamp decided to opened up it’s door to all. Just walk in. See you there, […]

Negaraku now Digg style

Negaraku the local news aggregator I posted about some time back has gone through it’s evolution cycle and now emerged as a Digg clone.

Anwar vs Shabery fuel debate

I missed the debate last night thanks to work. But anyways, here are they videos if you missed them too. It turned out to be more of a personal attack session then what it was initial intended to be, an open debate. Anwar stood his grounds well with good facts and discreet sarcasms but Shabery […]

Negaraku! – The Malaysia News Aggregator

Malaysia has been busy with it’s politicians since the recent elections. Murder trials, sexual harassment, misconduct in law enforcement and the list goes on. Ridicules if you ask me. Why do “upper class”, “educated”, “leaders” perform such “low class” acts? Are they no more then upper class beggars and prostitutes? Well anyway, back to my […]

nov25 | Behind The Revolt by Indrani Kopal

nov25 | Behind The Revolt from Indrani Kopal on Vimeo. What happened on November 25th 2007. From the hearts of those who were there. My family was part of this interview by MalaysiaKini and you’ll see from the footage that my Dad was quite emotional about the whole event. Thanks Indrani Kopal

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