Malaysian Proxy Servers

If you’re experiencing slow internet browsing, a proxy server might help speed things up. Here’s a list of proxy servers based in Malaysia that could improve your internet experience. For better security always choose an anonymous proxy server. Via AliveProxy

International link restored

Good news to all those who were facing slow international access over the past week. TM has completed repair work on the SMW4 submarine cable which linked us to Europe and US. via TM

Ubuntu mirrors up and improved!

With the recent internet issues, byte craft’s local Ubuntu mirror was not being up2date due to overlapping cron jobs. They have since moved to ubumirror running on apache/ngix and all seems good. Releases are on a 3 hour sync and archives 4  hours sync. Grab your CD images HERE.Enjoy the speed. via @angch from Byte…

Malaysians experiencing slow internet access

Malaysians are currently experiencing slow internet access. The disruption is due to a cable fault on the Southeast Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 4 (SMW4) submarine cable network between Alexandria in Egypt and Palermo in Italy linking Malaysia to Europe and the United States (US). Restoration work is currently in progress and scheduled to be completed on…

Reduce your income TAX

It’s tax month. Few more days to go so make sure to have your e-filling done. Here’s a few tips to optimize your income tax contribution fr the coming years. via abinesh