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Petrol Rush in Malaysia

This was the scene at the petrol kiosk near my housing estate in Cheras. I did not fuel up and so did many of my friends. We tried our luck at kiosks around but all of them had piles of cars waiting to fuel up. It just wasn’t worth it. Waiting in line for hours […]

Fuel price hike in Malaysia

It’s RUMORED that the new fuel price in Malaysia effective midnight today will be raised from RM1.92 to RM2.70. That’s a 78 cents hike which adds up to about 40%. My Wira gonna cost me about RM110 for a full tank. Looks like the petrol pumps around town are gonna be filled up today. You […]

My Streamyx is screwed again

My Streamyx is screwed again. Actually it’s been like that for a month now. The speed is nominal in the mornings but after 8pm the speed drops to 1/4 the normal. My last bandwidth test came up with 104.4 Kbits/download and 290Kbits/upload. Looks like someone’s overselling bandwidth again, you think so? Or could it be […]

Web Hosting in Malaysia

I posted Malaysian Web Hosting some time back. Since then a few new entries came in so I thought it might make sense to republish them for you. emerge web hosting ipserverone Exabytes NewMedia Express (Singapore) Server Freak hosting solutions yeahhost WebHost2U DataKL CYNET Studio The Gigabit MalaysiaHost EasyNet HileyTech MalaysiaHoster […]

Freeze For World Earth Day

The recent “KL Freeze In Unison” which had over 1000 individuals contribute by freezing themselfs for 5 mins at “The Pavilion” and “Lot 10” was a total success. Good news, the Freeze is back and it’s hitting “Sunway Piramid” Sunday April 20. This time for the World Earth Day. Hopefully I’ll get to join this […]

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