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My Astro gold smart card upgrade experince

Like everything else with Astro, it did not work they way they said it would. Received my new Astro gold smart card in the mail today. Came home and decided to start the upgrade. The attached manual stated that when the new card was switched out with the old card while viewing a program a […]

Freaking slow internet

Is it just me or has the internet been freaking slow at nights for the past weeks. Streamyx has not come up with a explanation as usual. Calling them is just a waste of time….. F U Streamyx, what am I paying RM100 for?

U Mobile High Speed Mobile Internet

I tend to be slightly skeptical nowadays when the words “high peed” and “mobile” are used within the same sentence. You can’t blame me, adverts all around boast blazing speeds over mobile network but do you ever hear the same feedback from their subscribers? Hardly ever right. Well, here’s a another new kid on the […]

Competition: F’kn Mayhem’s first competition

F’KN MAYHEM’s first official competition just rolled out it’s doors.

Poll: 12th Malaysia Election, did the internet help?

Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin aka Zam seems to think otherwise. According to him the Malaysian citizens only believe in the mainstream media, our one-sided news shows and newspapers and alternative media like the internet, blogs, mobile phones and other new age communication media had nothing to do with the shocking outcome witnesed during […]

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