Telekom Malaysia on Twitter

Telekom Malaysian has decided to go social, it popped up on Twitter last week under @tmcorp. Now Telekom Malaysia has a way to communicate with it’s customers. Will it work? All depends on who’s sitting behind the keyboard at their end I guess. Source: K.Kugan

FTTH in Malaysia

Looks like the FTTH ( Fiber To The Home ) in Malaysia ball is rolling again. There are reports of Maxis and TM enrolling testers in Bangsar and Sri Hartamas to carry out beta testing. This what Alan Tan who’s currently beta testing the Maxis FTTH is getting. WOW! …. Sigh… I want, I want….

GSC website down….

Looks like everybody wants to watch 2012. Damn For show times go here and for online bookings go here. Both are stripped down versions of GSC. GSC, start thinking about the cloud.

PMR and SPM trial exam papers

Here are 2 good resources fro those preparing for SPM and PMR. Both sites provide past SPM and PMR trial exam papers in PDF format. Print them out, take them home, practice practice practice and you will pass! Remember, memorizing the answers don’t get you anywhere. Make sure you understand the answers and the process….