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P1 WiMAX Signal Strength – May 6th 2009

My P1W1MAX signal strenght. Pretty pethatic!! RSSI: 63dBm –> Other are getting 30 +- dBm CINR: 13 dB –> Others are getting 60 +- dB TX Power: 5+- –> Other are under 10. (Not too important) Called P1 up, need to call them back soon to carry out some “fine tuning” to improve my signal. […]

Streamyx’s new TOS

Streamyx got smart and officially fucked it’s customers!! We can’t complain about slow international access any more as streamyx’s new TOS clearly states that speedy access is only guaranteed for local content access. Quoted from Streamyx; Streamyx download and upload speed is guaranteed for local content access only. TM is not responsible for the low […]

Tattoo Convention Kuala Lumpur 2009

Good news to all local tattoo fans. We gonna have our own convention come this November. Tattoo Convention Kuala Lumpur 2009 will be at PWTC (Hall2) from the 6th till 8th November 2009. All thanks to Borneo Ink and gimmelovetattoo for sponsoring the event. Here’s what you can look forward to. Loads of international artists, […]

Malaysian based URL shrinker , Malaysia’s very own tinyurl service. The service is provided by Netizens Media. Put in a long URL and out comes a shorten URL. I’m hoping that Netizens Media will publish some stats on the service. Would be interesting to see how many Malaysian’s actually use Malaysian services like this. defaced

Creative Multimedia Cluster, MSC Malaysia has been defaced. Source: Let’s see how long MSC takes to fix this…… , it’s been an hour now…

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