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P1 W1MAX DS300 Modem admin password revealed

For those on P1 W1MAX and not being able to fully utilize your modem, you’re in luck! Recently the admin password for the DS300 modem was leaked. Users who had the password could login and change any configuration on the modem. For those who knew what they were doing, this was jackpot. The excitement was […]

Streamyx Internet disruption to US and Hong Kong

Bet your Streamyx has been slow the past few days. Streamyx reported that the SMW3 and APCN2 submarine lines are experiencing service faults. Another anchor maybe? As a result, access to US and Hong Kong based sites are extra slow…… According to their announment, restoration work should have been completed by today but as of […]

We saved 550 Megawatts through Earth Hour Malaysia 2009

500 Megawatts or 14 million fluorescent bulbs at 40 watt each. That’s what Earth Hour Malaysia 2009 managed to save according to TheStar. Yes TNB lost some money, but do they really need it? Earth Hour was good, I had a BBQ at home with my family while watching the lights go out. What made […]

Earth Hour on DBKL Building @ Dataran Merdeka

Pretty cool ha, Earth Hour Malaysia 2009 being projected onto the DBKL building down by Dataran Merdeka. Pictures taken from Mr. Abinesh

Earth Hour Malaysia 2009, One more day!!

Earth Hour Malaysia 2009 is one day away. Mother earth has a fever and it’s been going up, not sure how much longer she’ll last. We are the aibiotics but somehow forgotten our purpose. It’s time to step up and own up to our purpose on planet earth. Start with Earth Hour…

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