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Happy New Year , 2009 it’s here!!

Happy new year. I’m 3 days behind, talk about a good start. New year night was good, spent it with Alan, Shirley, Raja and a shit load of beers while motivating each other on the many projects we plan to get started in the new year. Too much time has been waisted in the past […]

Torrents: Skate Videos

.. I torrent quite abit and I know you do too. Thought it would be cool to share some of the torrents I find interesting with you. Back in school I was part of a skate crew, this was back in Cameron Highlands. Best time of my life. If I remember right, I went through […]

Malaysiakini extends free service and upgrades servers

Malaysiakini is extending it’s free service till this Friday 14th March. However after that it will be switching back to it’s subscribers-only model. their video site will also be transitioning to a subscriber-only model due to the high cost of bandwidth. Lower resolution videos will however still be uploaded into YouTube as they have […]

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2008

I would like to wish all my Chinese friends and all Malaysians a “Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year”. I got caught up with a lot of things this weekend including a really bad hangover. I’m back to normal now and would sincerely like to apolagize for my late wishes. Especially to all my close […]

Super speed = smile on my face

I’m working late tonight. Been in the office since morning and I desperately need to shower and have some food. Thought I’ll share this picture with you since it’s the only thing keeping me motivated to work late nowadays. Speed = smile on Danny’s face. 😀 Update: 12:52am Just crashed my Netgear WGR614 router with […]

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