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Streamyx 4.0 mbps

Saw the ad in the papers this morning. Streamyx at 4.0 mbps, hard to believe but yes it’s true. The current promotion package is priced at RM198 /month, RM70 cheaper then the normal price 268/month. Promotion ends till June 17, 2007. I’m thinkin hard if I sould jump on the deal or wait for feedback […]

Latest in the digg labs “arc”

Arc is the latest animation app in the digg labs that show life digging activity at the topic and sub-topic level represented by rings. The middle ring is sub-topics, inner ring main topic and outer ring represent the most recent dugg topics. The most recent dugg stories will be added to the out ring with […]

Malaysian Web Hosting

I am currently hosted at godaddy. My subscription ends in 2 months so the time to scout for a new hosting company has begin. This time I’m going for a local hosting provider if possible. Maybe it’s the idea of my blog being close to home, I don’t know. Anyways, this is what I have […]

TMNET restoration complete

TMNET has announced that restoration work for all the submarine lines that went down during the Taiwan earth quake have been fully restored. I did see some inprovement in my internation access speed but nothin to go “WOW” about. Full article at TMNET: RESTORATION OF SERVICES RESTORATION OF SERVICES Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) would like […]

Vista not working with DHCP

Just had my Dell Latitude D610 upgraded to Vista Enterprise. Smooth graphics, good speed, good security (small box pops up each time you do something like install apps or change settings, just like Linux) and the side bar’s pretty sweet too. Even with all the above I still prefer my openSUSE 10.2 with XGL and […]

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