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Pirated vs. Legal DVD

Walk into a store and pick up your favorite original DVD for a rediculas price. Get home, pop it into the DVD player and you’ll have to wait about 10 – 20 mins before all the ads, warnings and promos are done. Pirated DVDs are straightforward. No promos, no warnings, no ads. What you want […]

Lenova issues Battery recall

Almost all corporate users today use notebooks at work. The “Lenovo ThinkPad” is a favorite choice. Why? I don’t know. I at my work place we are all on Lenovo ThinkPads. Earlier this week Lenovo issued a battery recall program for it’s ThinkPad R60, R61, T60, T61, X60 and X61 series. The faulty batteries either […]

PS3 Slim

The PS3 slim is almost here. I’ts coming out in September and prices at USD 299. It’s slim, has a tough looking black finish, weighs in at 7.05lb and comes standard with a 120GB hard disk. All squeezed into the new slim form factor. Check out the PS3 Slim intro by Sony’s Jack Tretton. [viddler […]

Microsoft submits GPLv2 code to the Linux Kernel

Yup, you read that right. Big boy Microsoft  submitted 20,000 lines of code to the Linux kernel community for review and inclusion into the Linux kernel tree. All under the GPLv2 license. The code, made up of 3 Linux drivers will  enable all flavours for Linux to run on Windows 2008 through it’s Hyper-V hypervisor […]

Kingston releases 128GB Data Traveler 200 USB flsh drive

Kingston’s rolled out a new flash drive, the Data Traveler 200. At 128GB it’s the largest flash drive availalbe today and also the most expensive with a price tag of USD 550. There is also a 64GB model priced at USD 215 and a 64GB model priced at USD 120 if 128GB is too much […]

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