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Audi A4 Challenge for the iPhone

Audi came up with a smart promotional gimmick for it’s latest Audi. The company decided to use the iPhone with it’s huge userbase as their advertising platform to game as much reach as possible. Audi released “Audi A4 Challenge“, A racing game for the iPhone. The game basically involves you driving around in an Audi […]

P1 WiMAX goes live in KL

Drop Streamyx, go P1 WiMAX… WiMAX by P1( Packet One ) finally goes live in KL. Packages start from RM49 for 400Kbps and go up to RM269 for 2.4 Mbps. This the the non promotional price. P1 is currently running their introduction promotion which starts on August 20th and ends on 30rd September. The prices […]

iPhone 3G almost in Singapore

iPhone 3G is coming to Singapore. 22nd August’s the date. 12:01am’s the time. So make sure you’re there ( Singtel stores )to pick yours up. Singtel will be carrying the phone. The price plans have also been published. For lower plans you’ll have to pay for the phone but for those on premium plans the […]

DELL Studio Hybrid Desktop PC

The new Dell Studio Hybrid desktop line is looking pretty slick. Compact form factor packaged within a really cool looking enclosure. O ya, and it’s ECO friendly with it’s low power requirements. In the US the studio PC starts at USD499 for just the CPU but the same options are not available here. There is […]

Apple’s iPhone get’s heat for it’s NDA policy

Apple’s been getting some heat from the iPhone developer communities around for it’s NDA policy. Developers are legally banned from sharing code, discussing or exhanging tips on coding through forums or email. I’m quite sure there are hidden scenes all over the net that Apple’s all seeing eye can’t get to but for the general […]

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