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My Streamyx is screwed again

My Streamyx is screwed again. Actually it’s been like that for a month now. The speed is nominal in the mornings but after 8pm the speed drops to 1/4 the normal. My last bandwidth test came up with 104.4 Kbits/download and 290Kbits/upload. Looks like someone’s overselling bandwidth again, you think so? Or could it be […]

Office snapshots

That’s the famous Googleplex. A place many dream to work at. But why? Is it their brilliant ideas or os it the alternative office workspace that Google practices? Either way I would love to work for them someday. Today, Google is not longer the pioneer in alternative office workspaces, familiar companies like Facebook, Flickr, Mozilla, […]

Oracle’s Acquisitions over the years

Oracle, big boy of the Database world. There’s no enterprise in the world today that does not know or use Oracle products in some way. Their strategy over years has been to acquire their competitors to retain market share. Siebel (CRM), Innobase (InnoDB), PeopleSoft just to name a few. Oracle has a full page dedicated […]

My Astro gold smart card upgrade experince

Like everything else with Astro, it did not work they way they said it would. Received my new Astro gold smart card in the mail today. Came home and decided to start the upgrade. The attached manual stated that when the new card was switched out with the old card while viewing a program a […]

U Mobile High Speed Mobile Internet

I tend to be slightly skeptical nowadays when the words “high peed” and “mobile” are used within the same sentence. You can’t blame me, adverts all around boast blazing speeds over mobile network but do you ever hear the same feedback from their subscribers? Hardly ever right. Well, here’s a another new kid on the […]

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