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Webinar: Control a World of Computers from Your Linux PC

A new O’Reilly webinar is coming soon. Carla Schroder, author of the book “Linux Cookbook” will be presenting. She will be talking about GUI based secure remote administration via the Linux desktop. Some of the key points covered will be; 1. Running remote graphical applications. For example the Oracle installer which requires X. 2. Common […]

Looking inside the Apple MacBook Air

Ever wondered what Apple’s MacBook Air looks like on the inside? TechRepublic took theirs apart and made a small pictorial of the process. See the pictures. Without an optical drive Apple managed to bring the overall size down and through the use of hidden connectors for usb and vga they managed keep the lines smooth […]

The Google Sari

View full size. Well, looks like Google influence is everywhere today. Just look at the latest offering from designer Satya Paul. Satya Paul is known for his new age and dynamic designs. The web 2.0 of the fashion world you could say. The sari seen above actually says Oogle and not Google but the search […]

Firefox 3 Beta 3 released

Mozilla has released it’s latest beta release of Firefox 3. Firefox 3 Beta 3. Some of the new features include improved security through better user tracking, malware detection, stricter SSL rules and also anti virus support for the built in download manager. The download manager also benefits from some  changes, resume is now supported, a […]

iPhone now shipping with 16GB

With over 4 million units sold Apple has decided to release an upgrade to the popular iPhone. The iPhone now comes with 8GB or 16GB of storage. The new 16GB model will run you USD499 whereas the 8GB model will be USD399. The iPod touch also received a  bump up  in it’s storage area.  Apple […]

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