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Report spam on Twitter

@spam was how twitter initial kept track of those pesky spammers. Now, they launched the official “report spam” feature. To report someone as spam, simple go to their profile and click the “report [usename] for spam” link. This will prevent them from messaging or following you. All reported accounts will get forwarded to Twitter’s officials […]

Google’s twitter accounts

If you’re a Google fan and use Twitter then you should already be following Google on Twitter. But do you know that Google has an Twitter account for almost all it’s products. iGoogle, Calendar, Reader, Voice, YouTube, Images, yada….. yada… yada…. they all have Twitter accounts! These are the current Twitter accounts by Google. Grabed […]

Twitter Tees By Threadless

Twitter has partnered with Threadless to come out with “Twitter Tees by Threadless“. Twitter powered Tees where the design is decided by your Tweets. This is cool,  The Threadless community actually votes for it’s favourite Tweets. The popular Tweets then end up on Tees. This is something other Tee shirt companies don’t quite do yet. […]

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