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Save the dogs, sign the petition

Image reads: The people’s dog catching competition. Who on earth would start a competiton to catch stray dogs? Let me tell you who, the municipal of Selayang, Malaysia. This is crap and to add injury to insult they are throwing in 15K,13K and 11K in prize money to the winners(jackasses who catch the most dogs!!). […]

F’kn Mischief had a makeover

My buddy Alan gave his site an extreme makeover. It looks awesome now with the new layout, color scheme and graphics. Make sure to drop by his site when you have some time. Pick up a Tee maybe….  AlanBernard If you like his WP theme design, then maybe you could get him to design a […]

alanbernard presents F’KN MISCHIEF

Alan had come up with a few new design for his T’s and a whole new page to go with them. Check them out at;

My Workspace

I wake up and go to work and chill at my cube everyday to have fun with my babies. They ain’t much but they certainly keep me happy. Check them out. I’m lucky that I’m fortunate enough to have awesome managers that provide me with such good tools. My Laptop – Dell Latutude D610 – […]

My first post;

This my first official blog as I’ve been thinking of getting into blogging for a long time now. Hopefully this marks a new start for me as the new year draws near too. Technorati Profile

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