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Broken Promises , Trust Me

. Man, Apple’s all out to diss Windows 7. Have fun

YouTube goes 1080p HD this week

YouTube announced that it’s rolling out support for 1080p HD format this week. Up till now YouTube only went up to 720p but now it’s going further with 1080p. What about all the current HD video already re-encoded into lower quality formats you ask? YouTube plans to re-encode all HD video previously uploaded by users […]

The Google Story in 3 Minutes

Grabbed this off Abinesh. A short 3 minute movie on Google’s journey.

Are you ready for the future?

An interesting “did you know?” video about the Social Networks world and how it’s quickly becoming a part of us.  Amazing ha? So are you for Social Network or are you not? Source: Labnol

The Son by Desmond Ng

Most of us hate, why hate we don’t know. Maybe it’s the way we were brought up? Maybe it’s our segregated education system? Maybe it’s our politicians and their political agendas? Maybe it’s the crowd we join? I don’t know, you tell me. This 15MALAYSIA short film by Desmond Ng gives you a glimpse into […]

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