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Twitter’s World Cup Page

The easiest way to follow the World Cup on Twitter. Twitter’s World Cup page gives you the whole event and has individual streams for each match and country. Check out the first matches, Mexico vs South Africa and Uruguay vs France later tonight. pssssst…. also check this link out. Love the table!! Enjoy!!

How Do I Check In [Off the Grid] in FourSquare

Wonder how your friends checkin in “Off The Grid” in FourSquare? Simple, when you check in using your mobile device make sure all share options are not selected. Don’t share with your friends, don’t post to twitter and don’t post to FB. That’s it. Tell me if it works for you.

Social Media Revolution 2

I love social media, it has its minuses but the pluses always pulls me back in. Information is money and social media is enabling the movement of information around. People everywhere are constantly complaining about privacy and shit. My advice, if you want to stay private then simply stay away from these sites. You can’t […]

Square is for everyone now

Square, the payment gateway that fits in your pocket is now available for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones. The first batch of scanners have also been shipped out to users. Square for iPhone | Square for Android via Square and Gizmodo

YouTube does music discovery

Cool feature from YouTube. I think the service is called “DISCO”,¬†short for ¬†“YouTube Music Discovery Project and Playlist Creation Tool”. Search for an artist, watch all their videos or get recommendations for mixes from related artists. Take it for a spin.

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