Windows 7 god mode

Today I stumbled onto Window’s secret “god mode”. Well, it’s basically a special folder containing all system settings. Create a new folder and call it “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”. The folder icon will change to the control panel icon if it worked.  Open the folder and enjoy your new god like windows power 😀 The code:

Clean Install of Windows 8 with an Upgrade Disc

I lost my hard drive and was trying to install Windows 8 from a Windows USB boot disk. When came time to activate I was greeted with “Code: 0xC004F061 your key can only be used for an upgrade”.  I bought the upgrade license during the launch sale but din’t know about this restriction. Microsoft’s solution…

Google voice and video installer error 1603

  For some stupid reason my Google hangout and voice calls stopped working on my Windows machine. Removed the Google voice plugin and tried reinstalling it and got hit with a new error “Installer error 1603”. After some digging around the issue was narrowed down to either permissions or the windows installer service having some hangover files…

Find your computer model and serial in Windows 7

Here’s and easy way to find your computer model and serial in Windows 7. Run the command “wmic csproduct” and you should see what you need. If you need a specific field, simple modify the command to “wmic csproduct get [field name]”.