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wordpress 2.9.2 released

There’s a new security patch out which fixes an exploit that allows  registered users to view trashed posts. The vulnerability was reported by Thomas Mackenzie, a security Enthusiast. Make sure to update your WordPress to version 2.9.2 ASAP. Download WordPress 2.9.2 Source: WordPress Official Blog

Simple Tags not working with WordPress 2.9

Upgraded to WordPress 2.9 and your simple tags plugin stopped working? Here’s a quick fix till the author releases a new version. // Check version. global $wp_version; if ( strpos($wp_version, ‘2.7’) !== false || strpos($wp_version, ‘2.8’) !== false ) { require(dirname(__FILE__).’/2.7/simple-tags.client.php’); Change it to; // Check version. global $wp_version; if ( strpos($wp_version, ‘2.7’) !== false […]

WordPress 2.9 is out

Just finished updating to WordPress 2.6 today. Here’s a few features which caught my extension. There’s a new recycle bin feature now called “trash”. You get to undelete posts, you get the idea. There’s a new built in image editor. You can crop,flip,scale any image you upload. Batch plugin updates. Finally, you get to update all your […]

WordPress Visual Cheat Sheet

Found this cheat sheet today. It’s for WordPress 2.8. It’s 5 pages and covers all WP template tags with sufficient info on each tag with sample code.

WordPress 2.8.5

WordPress 2.8.5 is out. It’s a security release to futher secure the default WordPress  installs. The major fixes bundled with this release are; A fix for the Trackback Denial-of-Service attack that is currently being seen. Removal of areas within the code where php code in variables was evaluated. Switched the file upload functionality to be […]

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