XName free DNS hosting service

XName free DNS hosting

Stumbled upon a free DNS hosting service today. XName provides free DNS to all and in return only expects a donation if you like the service. However, if you plan to use XName for commercial purpose then a donation is mandatory.

From a infrastructure standpoint XName provides 3 DNS servers. 1 primary and 2 secondary servers. All DNS records are replicated across all servers so it’s best practice to use all 3 servers when possible to archive the best redundancy possible.

I’m currently working on a mini ISP setup for a client myself. The primary DNS server is in place but for my secondary servers I’m thinking of using XName instead as it’s going to save me a few dollars.

I’ll tell you how it goes.

Firefox 3 Release Candidate 2


Firefox 3 Release Candidate 2 is out. This should be the final release for Firefox 3 before it goes public soon.

Take it for a spin while reading the release notes.

Firefox 3 Download Day 2008

Also, Firefox is out to set a new Guinness world record by setting a new record for most downloaded software in 24 hours. If you want to be part of it, pledge yourself to the cause.

Since Firefox 3 has not official release date, make sure to keep up to date with the Firefox 3 Download Day 2008.

iPhone 3G


Apple has announced the release of their second generation iPhone. The launch date for the new iPhone 3G is planned for 11th July 2008. Apple will be launching the new phone world wide in stages.

Apple has also slashed the price of the new iPhone. USD199 for the 8GB model and USD299 for the 16GB model. This will surely boost Apple’s market share in the coming months.

iPhone 3G does come with a few goodies under it’s hood. GPS, full 3G support, App Store, support for Microsoft’s exchange server, support for more languages and many other enhancements including a scientific calculator.

I’m still waiting for Google’s Android before making any decision on what my next phone might be.

Source: Apple

Get your free ORACLE Unbreakable Linux DVD kit.


Oracle got into the Linux playing field with it’s Oracle Enterprise Linux which is based on Redhat’s Enterprise Linux. Oracle then put together the Oracle Unbreakable Linux support program to provide full Linux support to their customers.

Oracle Unbreakable Linux support is not limited to only Oracle products. Customers can switch any of their current Enterprise Linux environments over to the Oracle Unbreakable Linux support program and at a lower cost. If I’m not wrong it’s as simple as running a RPM file.

Take it for a spin. Order the Oracle Unbreakable Linux 2-DVD kit for free. Just like Ubuntu, Netbeans and many other opensource software out there today. Go to the order page.

Petrol Rush in Malaysia

This was the scene at the petrol kiosk near my housing estate in Cheras.

I did not fuel up and so did many of my friends. We tried our luck at kiosks around but all of them had piles of cars waiting to fuel up. It just wasn’t worth it.

Waiting in line for hours just to save 30 bucks is not me. I’m gonna eventually have to follow the new increased price moving forward so instead, I decided to not smoke for 3 days to cover my loses.

Think green for nature and your pocket. I know many don’t agree with me on this but this is just my opinion.

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