Malaysia’s 12th election results coming in

The polling stations are close and the votes being counted. So far the local TV stations are only covering Sabah and Sarawak and only BN related stuff.

If you need up2date info then please refer to Malaysiakini as they have live updates as the results come in. Mirrors have been setup to handle the extra load today.

Source: Malaysiakini | mirror1 | mirror2

Malaysia’s 12th polling day is here

Tomorrow is the 12th general election polling day for Malaysia. Malaysians will be rushing to the nearest polling stations by the millions to carry out their responsibility as a citizen.

It’s has been a rough couple of months with all the racial (that’s what they call it but not me) issues going around but tomorrow will clearly mirror what the Malaysian people really want. To either stay on the same road or to strive for a better future by opting for a change.

My 2 cents to all those going to vote tomorrow,

Don’t vote for all the banners, don’t vote for all the brochures, don’t vote for the TV ads, don’t vote for the radio ads, don’t vote for the flags being carried around on bikes, don’t vote for the handshakes and hellos that only come nearing the elections, don’t vote for the promises you know will never be honored, don’t vote if you have the slightest doubt.

Vote for the leaders who genuinely care for the people and spend time listening to the people way before the elections, vote for moral, vote for justice, vote for peace, vote for unity, vote for a better future, vote for yourself, vote for your family, vote for your children, vote for your friends, vote from your heart and most importantly vote as a Malaysian for a grate Malaysia.


Source: Wikipedia

Looking inside the Apple MacBook Air

Ever wondered what Apple’s MacBook Air looks like on the inside? TechRepublic took theirs apart and made a small pictorial of the process. See the pictures.

Without an optical drive Apple managed to bring the overall size down and through the use of hidden connectors for usb and vga they managed keep the lines smooth all around.

The MacBook Air is a beauty but somehow the inside does not impress me. Maybe it’s seem a bit too simple or maybe it’s just me. I don’t know 🙂

Source: TechRepublic

How to set default session timeout in Linux

My DC operation guys access Linux servers on a daily basis but somehow they never remember to log out. This is a security risk as anyone could gain access to the open console and create caos.

Today, yet again I’m forced to play the bad guy by dummy proofing my Linux servers by implementing default timeout for user sessions.

Bash and Korn both support the TMOUT variable which I will use to set the default timeout.

The etc/.bashrc file will apply the timeout system wide but if you need it to be user specific then modify the ~/.bashrc file instead.

Here’s how it’s done.

Log off, start a new session and wait for 5 minutes. Your session should terminate

Deluge BitTorrent Client released

A new verison of Deluge is out. Version

Changes made to this version shown below,

  • Fix force recheck
  • auto scraping of tracker if it doesn’t report number of peers on reply
  • fix web seed proxy preference
  • Fix adding of duplicate torrents
  • Fix timers for saving fastresume and uploaded memory
  • Fix rechecking on start
  • PnP fixes
  • Fix possible libtorrent crash in storage

Grab your copy here.

Source: Deluge

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